Is it OK for a Christian to have Metaphysical beliefs and experiences?

My husband, Donnie, and I had lived in CO for a number of years. Although his retirement was still a couple of years away, we wanted to go ahead and buy land to eventually build our forever house. We continually searched and inquired about properties and areas when something in a land magazine looked interesting. One day I brought a magazine home from the real estate office where I was the Managing Broker. The magazine company often left copies for me trying to entice me to give them advertising business. I gave it to Donnie for his perusal.

The following Sunday morning, we were sitting in bed drinking coffee. I noticed he had picked up the magazine and was thumbing through the pages. He dogeared a page, looked at me, and said, “Hand me the telephone.” Without a word, he dialed a number and began talking to whoever answered the phone on the other end. When he hung up, he told me to take the next weekend off. We were going to Ruidoso, NM.

Ruidoso was great! It had the feel of an old mountain town and, at night, the buildings on the main street downtown were lined with little white lights. I could imagine the quaint beauty it must have when it was snowing and at Christmastime. Donnie and I both felt it would be a great place to retire. So, by the next morning, we owned 10 acres outside of town with huge mountain views.

For a couple of weeks after we returned to CO, we toyed with the idea of me quitting my job and moving immediately to oversee the construction of our house. Our relationship was solid, but the thought of leaving him behind brought tears to my eyes. He said the decision was mine. I didn’t know what to do.

I decided to discuss it with my sister-in-law in Evergreen. She suggested I ask a psychic who lived in Dallas, TX. Her niece had seen the woman a few months earlier and had been quite impressed. My mother lived in Dallas, and I was traveling there for a visit anyway, so why not? Apprehensive about going to a psychic, I decided to wait and call her after I arrived in Dallas. I figured if it was meant to be, she would be available. If it wasn’t, she wouldn’t.

The morning I arrived at my mother’s house, I made the call. I think my subconscious hoped she wouldn’t have time for me on such short notice. However, the voice on the other end declared a cancellation, which left the only opening in her schedule for months. I made the appointment and went to see her that afternoon.

I arrived at the parking lot of her apartment a few minutes early and waited in the car until it was time. I was nervous! I had been raised a Christian by a father who was a Southern Baptist preacher. He had taught me that going to a fortuneteller was a huge sin. And, all I knew about psychics was Hollywood’s version of Gypsies and crystal balls and bizarre events. What in the world had I gotten myself into? Not able to put it off any longer, I got out of the car and climbed the stairs to the second floor. I felt as though I needed to jump and run, but noticed my fist knocking on the door. The woman answered the door with an inviting smile, wore no makeup, and had shorter dark hair cut in a Buster Brown style. She wore relaxed clothing and no jewelry. Her warm, friendly demeanor made me feel comfortable about sharing information. I began to think that maybe seeing her wasn’t such a great sin after all.

By the time I left, I had made the decision to move early to Ruidoso, but not for the reason Donnie and I had discussed. During my time with this lovely lady, I discovered that I, too, was psychic and had a lifetime of wondrous things to experience and do. And, Ruidoso was the place I was to develop my spiritual gifts and begin writing my first book. Living there in a house I was to have built was icing on the cake. My session with the psychic lasted an hour that day, but the friendship that was forged has continued.

I am a Christian through and through, but I have personally experienced things of the metaphysical world that I can’t deny—hearing and seeing spirits, having out of body experiences, and so many other wonderful things. However, even after my “gifts” surfaced and I had some understanding, I worried for a long time that I would be damned to hell. Over the years, I have been afraid to tell acquaintances and friends that I possessed these gifts. To this day, I sometimes worry what other’s would think if they knew. At the same time, I know in my heart that if they were truly my friends, they would love me regardless. I have had a few who have slipped away, but I know there are those who come “into” and “out” of our lives for a reason, for a purpose.

In my opinion, the answer to the question, “Is it OK for a Christian to have metaphysical beliefs and experiences?” is an overwhelming YES! I am the perfect example.

I would love for you to share your experiences and give me your opinions. A list of questions you might consider are as follows:

  1. Were you raised in a Christian environment where members of your family didn’t believe in the metaphysical?
  2. Have you personally sought out a psychic, medium, or healer? How was the experience?
  3. Have you personally ever had a psychic, spiritual, metaphysical, or paranormal experience? If you have, I would really like you to describe it. How did it make you feel?
  4. Do you think you are psychic? Can you “see” or “hear?” Have you been afraid to tell your family andfriends?

I really want to hear from you. Share with me, and the readers, what you haven’t been able to share with others. You may be judged by some, as we all are in life, but you are not alone, and your message is wisdom. I am here for you.