The State of the World

Channeled By: Charlotte Goodwin (text in orange)

May we tell you what we wish to discuss today?

Yes, and with whom am I speaking?

We are the ones who love you and have taught you to hear us whenever and wherever. We are the "ten" who speak with you daily. Our subject today is the state of the earth and the universe and all those who reside on this planet. Do you feel comfortable with that subject?

Yes, of course. I'm pleased to be your vehicle for messages to be given to the public.

Very well, then let's begin.

You are hearing much these days about the "state" of the world. You receive many emails every day about how the end is coming, about the terrible tragedies that are coming, about the situation in Washington, etc. Please listen to me and understand when I say that much of what you are reading in emails and are hearing on television is "hype." It is a way for those who want to be in control to control you, the public.

Yes, there are difficult times coming with the earth. There are shifts that are happening to the earth and those on it many times a day, a week, a month, and at times when those of you who feel energy do not feel. Your vibrational levels are being raised to a frequency that you are not familiar with and sometimes make you feel uneasy or queasy. And, yes, there are upsets in Washington. But, I will say to you that much of what you are hearing and seeing has to do with nothing more than good old politics.

Yes, much is coming from those who have the control to make you think the world and it's sad state of affairs is worst than it truly is. If the politicians and the main stream media would leave the people alone, the world would be better off. That is not to say that the world does not have tremendous problems. It does. But the problems you hear about and see and read about are much of the workings of those who want a change in the regime. It comes from those who are using bad press and sensationalism to raise the anxiety levels of those on this planet.

The United States is allowing itself to be in a state of affairs that equals some of your foreign countries where those who are in power want to afflict the population. People are being punished and are having their right to think and feel taken away, the right to believe that the human being and the human nature that truly comes from love cannot make a difference. They are feeling they will be buried into the realm of total submission. You, my dear ones, should not believe all that you hear, see, and read. You, my dear ones, should use the discernment that God gave you the right and ability to use. Do not believe all that you hear, see, and read. For you are being brainwashed, and not only by those who are already in power, but also by those who wish to be in power.

As far as the frequencies that are changing with your world, your earth, you are correct, and we have written about this before. But, we come from a place of love and understanding and refuse to say words to you to make you afraid of your existence. Your existence will continue until God has decided that no one else can be given the hope of a future existence in a world where love and peace abound. We refuse to frighten you. We refuse to allow you to feel as though you should succumb to anything and everything that is and will happen. Don't you realize that your mind and your heart and your soul have the energy and the ability to change anything? You as a human race can band together and rise above what is happening in your world. Feel the energy of the rising frequencies and know that God is love. Know that God only wants the best, the highest and best for you all. Know that we spirits love you and will help each and every one of you that wish it to be true to rise above all that is happening. We will help you to rise to a frequency and a level of understanding and existence that you have not yet experienced. That time is coming, as we have told you.

And, there is nothing to fear. Put fear in a jar and cast it into the ocean. Cast it into a fire, a flame and let it burn away. Think not of how awful the earthly situation is, but think how lovely it will be. And do not allow the politicians and mainstream media to put thoughts into your heads and hearts. Some of what you hear, see, and read is absolutely not true or correct. So live each day in a state of love and understanding for your fellow man. Know that each of you on this planet is doing the job that you were put on this planet to do.

Go forth and know that you have the ability to claim heaven on earth as your abode. But, be aware of the changes in your earth. Realize that, yes, it is occurring and realize that you are a part of the changes. It is up to you as to how you handle each day. Leave the fear aside, and the damaging words that are being sent in so many emails. Leave it to the ones who do not wish to ascend into the other world. Hit delete on your computers and do not read the ugly, damaging emails that do nothing but incite fear into your very being. Love and live the spiritual peace that can easily be found within your own soul. We love you. Goodbye.