Understanding & Coping with Children who Have Spiritual Gifts

Have you ever watched your child “look” at “something” that wasn’t there? Maybe your baby was sitting on the floor, looking into space, and laughing? Or maybe a child who was a little older told you he or she was playing with “Joey” or “Susan,” and there was no Joey or Susan in the room?

When a child is born, they are born “open” with no preconceived notions or ideas of what is real or not real. Their eyes can see what we, as adults, can’t see. What they are seeing and what I’m referring to is “spirits.”

As we grow from childhood to adulthood, there is a veil that begins to cover our eyes. We start operating on an earthly level and dimension. We start getting caught up in a fast, furious world with technology, and we are usually told that unworldly things do not exist. We are told that people can’t and don’t see spirits.

There ARE those children who God has blessed with spiritual gifts. Their abilities are recognizable when they are babies sitting in the floor laughing at something. As they become older they have imaginary playmates. When they are preteens and teens, they begin to have unusual experiences. More often than not, it is those children who become afraid of what they see, feel, and experience and are too uncomfortable to tell their parents. They fear the parents will accuse them of making things up, lying, or seeking attention. And, probably their greatest fear is being laughed at. They feel communication is impossible, therefore they continue to go through experiences alone and afraid. They don’t understand what is happening to them. They think they are weird or maybe they are crazy?

I have two daughters and two granddaughters that are spiritually gifted. When the older daughter was a young teenager, she would race “someone” up the stairs in our home. She could see auras of blue, green, red, yellow, orange, white, and black around people she was talking to. She wasn’t afraid, or at least she didn’t tell me she was afraid. She seemed to accept that she was a little “different.”

On the other hand, the younger daughter thought she was delusional when she saw a spirit, therefore thought she must be ill. She became so uncomfortable with her gifts that, to this day, denies that she, too, is gifted. She refuses to even speak about the possibility of being gifted.

The older granddaughter sees and hear spirits in her bedroom. She called me at midnight one night a number of years ago saying their was a spirit in her room. She said if she told her dad, he would laugh at her. What should she do? I told her to sleep with the light on and gave her a Protection Prayer over the phone for her to say every night. When I asked her about the episode a year or two later, she denied that it happened. She said she was mistaken. Now that she is an adult and experiencing it again, she is accepting that maybe she does have a gift.

The younger granddaughter sat in her mother’s apartment floor at the age of eight or nine months, stared into space, and laughed while “someone” was talking to her. Now that she has aged to a preteen, her gifts have exploded. She sees spirits, she hears spirits, and she feels their energy. Overtime when she has visited my home, she has seen spirits sitting in chairs in different rooms. Upon going to bed at nighttime, spirits have told her goodnight. She has learned to embrace her gifts and talk with me if an experience has been a little scary. For this, I am grateful.

If you have children that you feel are experiencing other worldly events or persons, try to understand that such things do exist. Talk to your child and ask them to open up and tell you what they are experiencing. Ask them if they see “people” or hear “people” talking to him/her. If the child describes something you feel is frightening, then seek the help of a physic healer that deals with those kinds of issues. If you feel the experience is positive and sweet and loving, then talk, talk, talk to your child. If you feel you need the help of a physic healer to help your child and your family understand the special phenomena, then seek one out.

Know that not all spirits and energy is negative. There are those spirits who have not adjusted to no longer being in human form and are angry. They need to be helped to ascend into the light. A psychic healer can help with that also.

Most spirits with whom I’ve been in contact during my lifetime, and I’m 69 years old, are sweet energy, very loving, and only want to help with our daily problems. Many of them come to us as our “Spirit Guides” and only want the best for each of us. Embrace their love and energy and know that none of us are truly alone.