“We welcome you to the love and light of the Spirits and Miracles website. You have entered a time and space that is occupied by those of great wisdom, those who can heal thy heart and soul. It is our duty to help you leave your anxiety and tension outside and know that you will not be judged while in our presence. You are our child, and we will protect you in the best way possible. Feel free to browse, and know that we are with you always. Enjoy and we hope you will visit us often. Charlotte has seven guides, and we are speaking to you collectively as all of us will be present for those who enter this space. We love you.”  

- Channeled from Charlotte’s Spiritual Guides


Charlotte McGuire Goodwin is a Spiritual Healing Intuitive, an ordained metaphysical minister, and a certified metaphysical practitioner. She has been a contributing writer for online spiritual magazines and newsletters, in addition to being the author of the Award-Winning Finalist, The Twisted Path, the first book in the Spirits and Miracles Series.

Charlotte uses her gifts of intuition/psychic, mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, in holistic spiritual counseling and readings.

Charlotte is currently working on the second book in her Spirits and Miracles series, Another Path to Understanding, as well as a much anticipated “How To” book requested by her readers, A Guided Path To Unlocking Your Powers, a self-help guide that will teach you how to access and develop your own psychic powers. You asked, she listened!

Please join Charlotte in her blog as she shares her understanding, gifts, spiritual wisdom, and blessings. She invites you to share what you've learned, and to discover more. You are encouraged and free to leave comments, ask questions, have debates, share ideas, wisdom, and knowledge.

The only way we can discover more is to seek to understand what we already know, there is more available.


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