ABSENTEE HEALING:  A healing that is performed on someone in another locality. Distance is no barrier.

AURA:  An invisible, electromagnetic, intelligent energy field completely surrounding an entity, living and nonliving, functioning as a blueprint and battery for that entity.

CHANNELING:  A form of physical mediumship whereby messages from the spirits are conveyed through a medium, psychic, or clairvoyant.  

CLAIRAUDIENT:  One who has the ability to clearly hear sounds, voices, etc. that others do not hear. A psychic having the sensitivity to hear the cosmic vibrations of nature, or to hear sounds within or away from the mind that others do not hear.   

CLAIRSENTIENT:  One who has the ability to clearly feel a spirit’s personality. One who perceives information through a feeling in the stomach or throughout the entire body, with an urge to obey or interpret its meaning. Information comes “out of the blue” and proves to be correct.

CLAIRVOYANT:  A psychic who can tune into the etheric world and perceive an ethereal vision of that which is desired. One who knows how to tune into the proper vibrational frequency for their answer, and interpret the vision. One who has the ability to perceive things that are out of the range of human senses. The ability to clearly see pictures not visible to the naked eye such as people, spirits, scenes, objects, colors, etc. 

COSMIC ENERGY:  An energy permeating all space necessary to all forms of life, known and unknown.

ENERGY:  An electrical field or life force that runs through and around us. Each individual has his or her own energy field that is sometimes referred to as an “aura.” An innate law from the beginning of creation that makes all particles comprehend, vibrate, oscillate, or shake at different speeds.

ETHERIC:  Overall picture of invisible space, containing its many kinds of life forms, and its many levels of intelligences, who communicate with mankind psychically.

ETHERIC WORLD INTELLIGENCE: Those living in the etheric world who are higher on the human/angel evolutionary scale than the mass of earthlings.  

INTUITIVE: A person who receives information that one did not know before through education or past experiences, did not logically think out or reason with. Someone who possesses an “inner “knowing. Thoughts coming from the superconscious mind making it pure information, unclouded by the subconscious belief system.

MEDIUM:  One thought to have powers of communication with the spirits of the dead. One who serves as an instrument through which the personality of an intelligence in the etheric world can help earthlings.

PARANORMAL:  Beyond or outside of the normal sensory channels. Above and beyond everyday happenings. That which is unexplainable.

PSYCHIC:  A person sensitive and responsive to forces beyond the physical world caused by phenomena not explainable by known natural laws. One capable of having his or her superconscious mind and subconscious mind function beyond the limits of the third-dimensional plane submitting information to the conscious mind for interpretation.

READING:  Information conveyed by spirit to someone by means of clairvoyance and/or channeling. Psychic information given by a professional psychic to an individual, regarding that person’s lifestyle, personality, past, present, and future experiences, or regarding answers to questions that are on the client’s mind.

REIKI:  Universal life force energy. A natural healing earth energy method that heals at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. A type of healing in which the healer is a channel for universal force and cosmic energy.

SEICHEM:  A healing energy method that consists of the earth energy of Reiki as well as the energies of elemental fire, water, and air.  

SPIRIT BEING:  Anyone residing in the etheric world.  An etheric world intelligence who communicates psychically. A supernatural being.

SPIRIT GUIDES:  Spirits assigned to each of us to assist us and watch over us in our daily lives. An etheric world intelligence that has chosen to aid us to higher accomplishment.

SPIRITUAL HEALER:  Anyone who is an instrument /vessel for spirit and is used to help heal, cleanse, and make whole one’s mind, body, and soul.  

SPIRITUAL HEALING INTUITIVE:  One born with the ability to be used as a channel for healing. Lacks medical training but has the gift of “knowing.”  

TERA-MAI:  A trademarked energy healing system.



* The American Heritage Dictionary and The Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary by June G. Bletzer, Ph.D. were used for definitions and terms.


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